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Editor: John Struloeff
Associate Editor: Cynthia Struloeff

We have created this site as a place to draw together all things poetry.  The site’s homepage is updated each week with a new quote, new poetry-related term, what’s new to the site, and our poem of the week – all as a means of trying to bring poetry into peoples’ daily lives.  Also, each week we expand our archive of contemporary and classic authors, or many of the other resources we’ve brought together here.  Below are brief descriptions of our main pages at POETRY MOUNTAIN.  If there’s anything you feel could help us toward our goals of providing a broad range of resources and bringing poetry into more peoples’ everyday life, please email us at suggestions@poetrymountain.com.

We thank you for your time in visiting our site.  We hope you benefit greatly from it.

The Editors


Donations:  Currently this site is paid entirely from the editors’ personal accounts.  If you would like to help offset this financial burden, even in a small way, please visit our donations page.  Another way to help is to click through our Amazon.com links to purchase your items or use our Amazon.com search engine – this helps Amazon know that we directed you to them.

Term of the Day: All of our literary poetry-related terms-of-the-week and their definitions come from Harmon and Holman's book, A Handbook to Literature (see Amazon ad link to the left), which is a 700-page exhaustive dictionary of literary terms. I found it highly useful during my graduate program in English (both as a student and a teacher) and am still using it reguarly. New copies are spendy (around $40), but if you're a teacher you could probably get exam copies for free from Prentice Hall; otherwise you can pick up used ones at Amazon for around $10.

eNewsletter: We will send out an occasional email regarding what’s currently featured on POETRY MOUNTAIN.  This will also be used to get new authors' names circulated.  If you would like more information on our newsletter, please visit our newsletter page here: eNewsletter.

Submitting Content: We will consider accepting unsolicited biographies of classic authors, even of those authors who have not yet been added to our archive.  The biographies should be concise, well-written, and of reasonable length (say, between 500-800 words).  Unfortunately, we cannot pay for your services; however, this would be a great experience-building opportunity for anyone interested.  To submit a biography for consideration, please email the editor directly at editor@poetrymountain.com.

POETRYMOUNTAIN: online journal:  The online journal has ceased. We are focusing full-time on the main site.

Policy On Adding Poets To Our Contemporary Poets Archive: In the initial stages of our site development, we are only adding poets to our Contemporary Poets Archive whom we solicit directly.  In later months we hope to change this policy.

Advertise With Us:  If you would like to place an advertisement on our site, please visit our advertisement page.

Contact Emails:

Broken Links:   links@poetrymountain.com
Suggestions:   suggestions@poetrymountain.com
Request our Newsletter:  newsletter@poetrymountain.com
General Contact:  editor@poetrymountain.com

An Overview Of The Main Pages On This Site:

Contemporary Poets Archive:  We are currently beginning the process of gathering together an exhaustive collection of contemporary poets.  Each author is given his/her own page with a biography, photo, links, selected poems, and other information.  We want this to be a primary database for introducing emerging, as well as some established, poets to the world.  [Note:  Currently we do not accept solicitations.]  Check back often – poets are being added all the time.

Classic Poets Archive:  The famed Dead Poet’s Society.  This archive features of growing collection of poets who are no longer alive.  Each author is given a page with various information and resources.  If you would like to submit a biography or other significant or relevant information, please contact the Editor at editor@poetrymountain.com.

Literary Magazines:  A complete list of links for print and online journals and magazines.

Presses:  A complete list of links for both commercial and small presses, with a particular focus on literary presses.

Writing Contests:  A complete list of links for writing contests.

Award Winners:  An exhaustive list of winners of major awards. 

Funding Opportunities:  This is a collection of wide-ranging opportunities for funding as a poet (or writers of any kind).

Writing Programs:  A complete list of writing programs, separated into categories by degree-offered.  Also includes non-degree programs such as Stanford’s Wallace Stegner Fellowship program.

General Resources:  A massive array of links and information, including poetry-related NPR articles, other key poetry sites, and themes in poetry. Check it out!

For Students:  This area will be geared toward helping students. (under development)

For Teachers:  This area will be geared toward providing resources for teachers. (under development)

The Shadow Waters blog:  This is the editor’s personal blog.  On occasion, the content relates to this site or poetry in general.

Last Updated: Tue, June 27, 2006
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