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Dear Poetry Friends,

Currently this site is paid entirely from the editors’ personal accounts (the first month alone cost us more than $120 for start-up expenses, and there are monthly and annual fees as well).  If you have benefited from what our (free) site offers and would like to help offset our financial burden, even in a small way, there are two ways to help POETRY MOUNTAIN stay alive and growing.

First, the simplest way (with NO direct monies paid to us) is to click through our Amazon.com book ads or use our search links (such as the one to the right of this paragraph) whenever you order something from Amazon, either books we’re advertising or other items you want to get on your own.  Simply click through to your usual, secured personal page at Amazon and do business as usual.  Connecting to Amazon via our site will not increase or decrease what you pay for the items in any way – it will just let Amazon know that we were the ones who directed you to them, and if we’ve sent them enough business, then they will provide us with a modest fee.  But it all depends on volume of traffic, so please remember this site when you order anything from Amazon.  And if there are any books by our archived authors that you’re interested in, by all means, click their ads or use our search boxes and buy a book or two -- it will help you, the authors, and POETRY MOUNTAIN.

Second, the other alternative is to donate funds directly to us.  Please click on the following button to pay via PayPal -- you do not need to have a Pay Pal account to do this.  Our suggested minimum donation amount is a mere $10, but more would certainly be most welcome. 

[If you would rather pay via check or other non-PayPal means, send us an email at this address, donate@poetrymountain.com, and we will provide you with details of where and how to send.]

We will list the names of everyone who has donated $10 or more on this page, but if you would prefer to remain anonymous, please say so, and we will replace your name with Anonymous.

Feel free to send an email to our donations address, donate@poetrymountain.com, if you have any questions or concerns or would like to enquire about the status of an already submitted donation.

Thank you for spending time at our site.  We hope you return to us soon.

John Struloeff


We've received donations from these individuals :

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